Rosie and Calvin’s Great Bovine Adventure

Because its friday and I am tired and I currently have NOT one, NOT two but THREE dogs I felt the need to share this wonderful video put together by my love during some hours of fabulous procrastination. Calvin is my dog. Rosie and her brother Taj (not featured in this video) are my sisters […]

Something out of Nothing

Cooking in my kitchen is by far one of my favorite activities. I can have a stressful, pull your hair out, fall down on the floor crying, kind of day, come home totally pooped and make everything (well almost everything) better by going into my kitchen and cooking. My kitchen is not very big, we […]

Lessons For The Day

The weather forecast is always wrong. It’s not cold, it didn’t rain, I didn’t need to wear a turtle neck and I did not need my parka like green jacket.   Google map fails, it is not a coffee shop if it’s closed at 6pm. For this atrocious mistake please send me a gift certificate […]

Random Fact About Me

One of my eyes is two different colors. Its green and brown. This is actually a genetic mutation and does not normally occur in human development. I know people have noticed when they start staring intently at my eyes and not paying attention to a word I say. Though I guess I could just have […]

AIDS Life Cycle

About six months ago, in what I can only describe as a case of temporary insanity, I agreed to do the Aids Life Cycle with my sister. Why? Because it will be a fun relaxing vacation ?!?! Months later when my brain decided to wire it’s synapses properly again and I realized I’d agreed to […]