Olive Garden Fagioli, Round Two

This weekend, I made soup.  Not just any soup, but a very very specific soup.  This was my second, and I feel a much more successful go at making a request from a friend: fagioli. Except not actually fagioli.  That would be if not exactly easy, then at least general enough to have a big […]

What I’m learning in photoshop!

Learning to work in photoshop has been an interesting and enlightening experience. Before starting this class, everything about photoshop seemed so foreign, complicated and undoable. I’ll admit it, I was very intimidated by photoshop and was not really willing to give it the time it takes to become familiar with the software. Below are some […]

Pasta Carbanara

Things get busy for me.  A full course load is bad enough, but class from 5pm-8om every Monday and Wednesday makes eating an interesting prospect sometimes.  Especially when the only roommate that cooks with any regularity works most nights. I have come home from class to find dinner made exactly once.  I just looked at […]

Preserving Apples

All summer our fig tree and apple tree were very confused. Is it summer? Do we bloom? No, wait, to cold? Oh, its hot again, bloom! No wait, its cold. Poor vegetation, it must think the planets totally loosing it. The tree keeps chucking apples at me, like it knows that humans are to blame. […]

Oakland Animal Shelter

One of my Berkeley bestee’s actually on of my all time bestee’s,Emily, volunteers at the Oakland Animal Shelter every week. Since I’ve been trying my hand at photography lately, I’ve promised her that I would come to the shelter and take pictures of the dogs for her. I’m assuming Emily didn’t hold her breath on […]

Russian Beef Borscht

The list of foods, that make me as happy as a bowl of borscht, is short. Let me start by saying, that I love beats, in any form, and like any good Russian, I love borscht, obviously :p. Borscht makes me think of my mom, grandma, home and large family gatherings. I started cooking my […]

September 11, 2011

Where was I during this moment in history? At home, getting ready for school, putting on way to much makeup. My sister’s boyfriend called us, said to turn on the TV, I did and with in seconds saw the second plane hit the Twin Towers. Instinctively I dialed my brothers number even though I knew […]

First (Non-Parental) Haircut

In moving back to Berkeley I moved in with an engineer, a physicist, and a prospective nursing student.  Now, not all stereotypes are right, but not all stereotypes are wrong. This weekend, I participated in Eugene’s (the physicist’s) first time having his hair cut by someone other than his mother. He is twenty-three years old, […]