French Toast

I wanted to have a post up about my trip to Portland today, but that is not going to happen I promise its coming soon though!! I love sitting down to eat with friends and family. I have so many good memories of loud russian family gatherings as a child and an adult. Just like […]

A Night at the Orange Room

I’ve been fortunate enough to make a lot of amazing friends through out my short 25 years.  I met my good friend Artemis in biochemistry class at UC Davis. She is, hands down, one of the most amazing people I know. Not only is she a rock start student (genius), she is also a gifted […]

Lemon Meringue Pie

One of the greatest things about living in Berkeley is that I can get in my car and 45 minutes later I am here. Napa is a magical place and with this rather dysfunctional winter, we have been able to enjoy Napa longer than usual. This trip we took a tour of the Nickel and Nickel […]

Kale Chips

There are very few foods that I do not enjoy. Those that I do not enjoy it’s usually a certain form of the food, not the food as a whole. Case and point, tomatoes. I do not like grocery bought fresh tomatoes. I will eat home grown tomatoes, from my back yard and tomatoes in […]

Curried Butternut Squash Soup

After several very full months: school, work, applications, internships, volunteering etc, we got some seriously needed R&R. I grabbed at the opportunity to spend time with family, stay in bed and eat great home cooked food.  We had a very low key New Years, spend up in Sonoma with my sister and her boyfriend J. […]

More from Photoshop Class

The semester is almost over! I’ve had a lot of fun learning about photoshop, I feel way more adapt at using it than I ever have before. Below is some more of my work, some of the pictures have subtle changes, so its hard to tell that work was done on them but for day […]

Fish Taco Tuesday

My lifestyle does not allot for a lot of free time, W often has even less. So the time we spend together is always very special and, due to time constraints, often spent eating. We are foodies, we enjoy dining out and trying new restaurants, but nothing says family time like cooking together in the […]


Two weeks ago, I was driving down to see my friend M when I pull my car over for a pit stop.   When trying to leave, I discover that I can’t shift out of neutral. After liberal amounts of pleading with my car to reconsider being completely undriveable, I give up and call M. […]

Giving Thanks

My family doesn’t exist in a constant state of complete harmony.  We are all a bunch of strong opinionated people, and that means we don’t always agree. One thing we do well though, is give unconditional support.  We pull together whenever family is needed, whether it is wanted or not.  I am thankful for my […]

Oakland Animal Shelter

I’ve been meaning to post regularly about the Oakland Animals Shelter. Feature the dogs I take pictures off, but apparently my camera is magical because the dogs get adopted before I am able to throw the post together!!  While its put a big gap in my posts about the shelter, I am REALLY EXCITED that […]