Global Warming is Ruining my Life

Allergy season has started early. Anyone who has to deal with the swollen, drippy, or congested sinuses because of trees dumping pollen understands the enormity of this situation. The occasional rain may temporarily scrub the pollen out of the air, but the temporary relief seems to only anger the trees into producing more allergens. Suddenly, global […]

High Fiber Oatmeal Cookies

This is a healthy-for-some-value-of-healthy cookie.  It still have a cup of butter and two cups of sugar, but it also has flax seed, wheat germ, bran, and whole wheat flour. It’s a high fiber oatmeal cookie, with more nutrients than normal.  It’s not a health bar trying to pretend it’s a cookie, this is a […]


Two weeks ago, I was driving down to see my friend M when I pull my car over for a pit stop.   When trying to leave, I discover that I can’t shift out of neutral. After liberal amounts of pleading with my car to reconsider being completely undriveable, I give up and call M. […]

Giving Thanks

My family doesn’t exist in a constant state of complete harmony.  We are all a bunch of strong opinionated people, and that means we don’t always agree. One thing we do well though, is give unconditional support.  We pull together whenever family is needed, whether it is wanted or not.  I am thankful for my […]

Olive Garden Fagioli, Round Two

This weekend, I made soup.  Not just any soup, but a very very specific soup.  This was my second, and I feel a much more successful go at making a request from a friend: fagioli. Except not actually fagioli.  That would be if not exactly easy, then at least general enough to have a big […]

Pasta Carbanara

Things get busy for me.  A full course load is bad enough, but class from 5pm-8om every Monday and Wednesday makes eating an interesting prospect sometimes.  Especially when the only roommate that cooks with any regularity works most nights. I have come home from class to find dinner made exactly once.  I just looked at […]

First (Non-Parental) Haircut

In moving back to Berkeley I moved in with an engineer, a physicist, and a prospective nursing student.  Now, not all stereotypes are right, but not all stereotypes are wrong. This weekend, I participated in Eugene’s (the physicist’s) first time having his hair cut by someone other than his mother. He is twenty-three years old, […]