Resolutions 2013

I am a: Daughter, sister, girlfriend, friend, student, future nurse, doula, yogi, cook and mother to a four legged two toned scared of everything dog. In 2012 I: Cried a lot, lost a lot, learned a lot, found a lot, discovered a lot, changed tremendously, lost my way, found a new path, changed my plans, made […]

I’m resolved to…

I’m resolved to blog again. In the past six month, finding the time, motivation or drive to do so has been rather hard. For anyone who has been through an accelerated, full time program of any sort please insert some form of “I told you so” here. Six months in, I will be the first […]

Surviving the Summer

Clearly, I failed as a blogger. The summer was so intense that I could only concentrate on one thing, finishing. When August came, all I could do was sleep and spend time with my family, I barely opened my computer. I’m back in school for the fall and its busy again, but more stable, so […]

Nursing School Week #1 and Fennel

My first week at Columbia University School of Nursing can best be compared, in my head, to what my first week at Hogwarts would be like. I’m overwhelmed with new information, my professors are amazing (one did in fact wear Hogwarts robes and had a wand).  My surroundings are scary, exciting and magical and while […]

My Relationship with Yoga

The closer I get to my move to New York, the crazier things get! It’s normal, but nevertheless still hard. One of the commitments I made to myself this past month was to complete a 30 day yoga challenge. I knew that doing yoga daily would keep me grounded and help me deal with everything else […]

Fried Potatoes

With only a month left till the beginning of school I feel like I am on a roller coaster. Some days I am happy and excited, other day’s I’m freaking out and refusing to even consider the possibility of going back to school and moving across the country. I didn’t call the blog logically crazy […]

Chicken Tikka Masala

Two weekends ago we helped our friends Steve and Emily build a garage. Well, to be more accurate, Will continued to help Steve in an on going project to build a garage. Instead of helping build this time, I spent several hours looking over loan options with the help of the greatest father-in-law in the […]

Dad’s Fish Cakes

I was really on a roll for a while there! Posting once a week! But of course life got away from me and things got a bit crazy for a while and resulted in some big changes! In about six weeks we will be moving to New York City where I will be attending Columbia […]

French Toast

I wanted to have a post up about my trip to Portland today, but that is not going to happen I promise its coming soon though!! I love sitting down to eat with friends and family. I have so many good memories of loud russian family gatherings as a child and an adult. Just like […]

A Night at the Orange Room

I’ve been fortunate enough to make a lot of amazing friends through out my short 25 years.  I met my good friend Artemis in biochemistry class at UC Davis. She is, hands down, one of the most amazing people I know. Not only is she a rock start student (genius), she is also a gifted […]