Who is Erica?

I think I’ve mentioned Erica in every post thus far. So it comes to no surprise that we decided to have this blog be a joint blog. I’ve known Erica for seven years. I got a B in calculus thanks to her. If that is not enough, the house I live in belongs to her parents, most of the food I cook is together with her, she lives a mile away and helped me start this blog.

We are cooking buddies, knitting buddies, sewing buddies, jogging buddies and family holiday buddies. Erica’s parents have basically adopted Will and I, most major holiday’s are spent at the Chase house hold. She has supported me in everything I’ve done and probably everything I will do. When it comes to my doula work, she is one of my biggest advocates (other then Will of course).

Be patient with us. Two great minds working together is bound to cause some blog implosions but we work harder because with push one another. Heck without her I would have failed calculus.


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