What I’m learning in photoshop!

Learning to work in photoshop has been an interesting and enlightening experience. Before starting this class, everything about photoshop seemed so foreign, complicated and undoable. I’ll admit it, I was very intimidated by photoshop and was not really willing to give it the time it takes to become familiar with the software. Below are some of the images I’ve worked on for the class, in progression from oldest to most recent, I hope the pictures reflect all I’ve learned in the process.

This first photo was one of my earlier homework assignments. Working with duotones is very interesting because it completely changes the depth and feel of an image. If you combine multiple images to create one duotone, I like I did above, be careful to make sure that the lighting for both images match up to create a uniform picture.

This next assignment dealt with colors. When dealing with photoshop its very important to have a good grasp on the color wheel, it really helps you if you are trying to change your picture and make it more artistic or reflective of a certain moods.

This was by far my favorite assignment, the passing of Steve Jobs while a great loss did serve as my inspiration for the assignment. It is quite amazing what you can do in photoshop with text, shapes and the adding/subtracting paths tools.I stylized the back ground image by using a filter which than inspired me to shape the words into the form of an apple.

This last image is a collage of pictures and word that I put together for my midterm. It uses a number of the techniques listed above. Especially i used different filters and colors schemes to unify the image.

I’m discovering more and more about photoshop each day! As it turns out it is not nearly as scary as I thought. You just need to give it a shot. The most painful part is buying the software :)

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