San Jose Jazz Festival

The great thing about having a boyfriend who work in event production, is you get to know about and go to events you might have other wise missed out on or chosen to skip. This weekend, Will worked at the San Jose Jazz Festival. The festival happen every year around this time, apparently its been around for 22 years. I’ve lived near San Jose for 11 years, but this was my first time attending. The bottom line, it was amazing!

The view from Will's office.

I did not get to walk around and see the whole festival, but what I did see, I really enjoyed. Will mixed for the Blues stage, the energy was fantastic! It was nice to see people so happy for a change. Everyone was smiling, laughing and having a good time, such a nice change from the tense atmosphere that surrounds you every time you turn on the TV, open a newspaper or pay attention to the people around you in a restaurant. People, let all their worries go for the evening and let themselves simply enjoy the good food, fun music and great weather.

Steve, a close friend, mixed at the Latin stage. While I did not stay there for a long time, what I did hear, was fun and up beat. At Will’s stage the highlight of the evening was Trombone Shorty and Orleans Avenue. Their music was amazing, definitely worth checking out. They attracted a huge crowd! It was a wonderful way to the end the evening!

Definitely attending next year!

P.S. I ate a bag of kettle corn, guilty pleasure, totally worth the 4 dollars it cost me :)


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