Oakland Animal Shelter

One of my Berkeley bestee’s actually on of my all time bestee’s,Emily, volunteers at the Oakland Animal Shelter every week. Since I’ve been trying my hand at photography lately, I’ve promised her that I would come to the shelter and take pictures of the dogs for her. I’m assuming Emily didn’t hold her breath on that promise, I tend to over commit. BUT, this weekend I did finally go and take pictures of two adorable, 8 week old, Chiwawi’s who will be featured in a local newspaper in the up coming week. This was the winning shot we choose for the paper. If you are looking to give an adorable fury fuzzy a forever home check out the shelter and ask for Emily to show you your future dog.

Both of these two-month-old, chihuahua sisters are under three pounds. These tiny girls are each available at Oakland Animal Services at 1101 29th Avenue, Oakland, CA. See more pictures at oaklandnimalservices.org.~Emily

Since the shelter now satisfies my need to cuddle with adorable puppies and Emily is able to talk me out off adopting all of them, I will be going back to take more pictures. So stay tuned for more adorableness looking for a home.

And now I have to go convince Will that I need another dog…not…maybe…help


2 thoughts on “Oakland Animal Shelter

  1. Awww :) they are so cute! If I didn’t have two cuddly buddies already I would definitely take both of these babies home. Every time I take Rosie and Taj to the vet, I have to fight the urge to go and adopt all the dogs at the shelter there by the vet’s office so me volunteering at the shelter is WAY dangerous… plus if I try to bring another dog home I will be in a butt-load of trouble with J 😛

    • Thank for commenting! I know, being at the shelter nearly killed me, especially when Emily introduced me to Moo, a puppy pit bull. That’s when I turned into a puddle of puppy loving goo.

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