Oakland Animal Shelter

I’ve been meaning to post regularly about the Oakland Animals Shelter. Feature the dogs I take pictures off, but apparently my camera is magical because the dogs get adopted before I am able to throw the post together!!  While its put a big gap in my posts about the shelter, I am REALLY EXCITED that these dogs are getting forever homes. On that note, I would life to introduce Sufi:

-APhoto & Video Sharing by SmugMug

“Hi, my name is Sufi. I am a Papillon mix with a gorgeous brindle coat and I am almost 1 year old. I am a speedy fireball with plenty of energy. I can’t wait for you to take me to the beach or the park, where I can run like the wind. However, I’m always ready to slow down for treats and I’m learning “sit.” I also enjoy being petted and scratched behind the ears. I get along great with adults, but I would prefer not to live with children. If you would like a gorgeous girl like me to be your life companion, come meet me and bring my number.

Sufi is id#03935 at the Oakland Animal Shelter. All animals are listed as spayed/neutered, even if they currently are not, since they will be fixed before leaving the shelter. To adopt an animal, please bring one of the following: 1) proof of home ownership (e.g. property tax receipt, title, or mortgage account); or 2) a rental contract that makes clear pets are allowed. We also require a drivers license and all immediate members living in the household (including children) to attend.”


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