Nursing School Week #1 and Fennel

My first week at Columbia University School of Nursing can best be compared, in my head, to what my first week at Hogwarts would be like. I’m overwhelmed with new information, my professors are amazing (one did in fact wear Hogwarts robes and had a wand).  My surroundings are scary, exciting and magical and while I don’t have an owl, I do have a dog, though I doubt he’d make a good messenger.

All week I’ve had that excited to learn yet totally overwhelmed, not quite sure where I fit in and what the heck have I gotten mysel into feelings. While the sheer amount of class hours, reading and studying seems daunting, finally learning about things I want to learn about makes it bearable. My undergraduate studies, while interesting (at times), did not give me the sense of purpose and fulfillment I feel now.

In every class this week I found myself thankful for three year break between UC Davis and the start of this journey. So much of what I have learned in the past three years at the American Red Cross, as a doula and just part of society, has made this process seem that much more manageable. I can feel the difference in my study skills, organization and response to the everyday stresses of a new environment.

I have 5 classes, 2 skills classes and 1 day of clinical’s, totaling 30 hours of information absorption!! Amazingly, having calculated that does not make me want to run for the hills, I’m still excited…… deep deep inside, hidden beneath all that anxiety and fear 😉

As always my limited sanity is sustained by cooking and yoga. For about a week now, I’ve had fennel, sitting longingly in my new vegetable drawer (new apartment,new city, new vegetable drawer) wanting to be cooked. I didn’t mean to ask W,before he left :( , to buy fennel, I meant something else.  I don’t remember what that something else was, but it wasn’t fennel. But since I got fennel, I tried to cook fennel.

Fennel smells a lot like licorice as it turns out. I hate licorice and almost threw the fennel away!! I reconsidered at the last minute and decided to slice it thinly and caramelize it. As it turn out, once caramelized, fennel is delicious and I think often used in chinese food. At least it tasted like something I’ve eaten in my chow mein….I didn’t have time research this further, as I’m a busy nursing student ;). I added the fennel into something I was already making. While I enjoyed the fennel and felt that it had a rich, meaty flavor. I did not end up being a big fan of the cous cous salad I added it to. I felt that the salad was lack luster, perhaps the dressing needed to have more wow factor.  Not much of a recipe overall, but I encourage you to try cooking fennel.


3 thoughts on “Nursing School Week #1 and Fennel

  1. Hogwarts! May the magic of your journey carry you through the stress, the trials, the lack of sleep.
    Love from the kids and I

    • <3 miss you guys!! The magic is wearing of a bit, but its still pretty awesome. I’ll write more this week!

  2. I miss you!! So glad you’re finding fulfillment and purpose in your studies. Totally jealous :)

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