My Relationship with Yoga

The closer I get to my move to New York, the crazier things get! It’s normal, but nevertheless still hard. One of the commitments I made to myself this past month was to complete a 30 day yoga challenge. I knew that doing yoga daily would keep me grounded and help me deal with everything else going on in my life.

I am honestly not sure when my relationship with yoga began, I know it was sometime close to starting college. I was inconsistent for many years, a class here and there, a video, a couple of bikrum classes with friends but nothing committal. Two years ago, is when yoga and I started dating exclusively :), my practice became more regular, I found a style of yoga that really worked for me, both on a physical and metaphysical level.

There are many different types of yoga and different people have different relationships with yoga. For me its both physical exercise for my body and emotional/spiritual exercise for the mind. I feel energized, centered and rejuvenated after even 15 minutes on the matt.

I haven’t had an easy time finding instructors that fit my yoga mold — surprising considering the number of yoga studio’s — but once I found a few, the experience was transformative. I love the studio Urban Flow in San Francisco and while I cannot frequent her classes regularly Clara Roberts-Oss (she is in Canada) is the amazing instructor I went to Bali with. I did my 30 day yoga challenge with the help of a newly discovered yoga website, called YogaGlo. Not only does the site have amazing instructors (Kathryn Budig is my favorite) it tracks my practices, lets me save favorite video’s and posts new video’s on a daily bases.

I love to exercise. I enjoy biking, hiking, rock climbing and many other out door activities. Yoga though is something I can easily integrate into my day no matter where I am or wht I’m doing, though sometime I need to push through the lazy :). Yoga isn’t for everyone, but for me, this 30 day challange made me realize that yoga will be essential for me during the next two years of my life.

P.S. As you can see the length of practices declined towards the middle of the month. I got a little to enthusiastic and pulled my back. I switched to some feel good yoga for a few days and learned that I need to push a little less and be patient a little more.

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