Mojito and Cosmo Jelly Shots: Partial Success

I am not a fan of jello shots.  I am not a huge fan of jello in the first place, add into that an ambiguous amount of alcohol and it just never really struck me as a good idea.
Then, I learned about The Jelly Shot Test Kitchen.  It doesn’t take the variable amount of alcohol out of the equation, but it gives Jello shots a redeemable feature: they are interesting.
So, for the Halloween party, Ana and I decided to jump in and try jelly shots, and make them vegetarian to boot.  Results were mixed.
We decided to try Mojito and Cosmopolitan jelly shots.  Test round #1: vegetarian geletin from Berkeley Bowl.  I mixed up the mojito recipe, and waited for it to set.  And waited some more.  Then gave up and acknowledged that I made alcoholic snot.
Soldiering on, I went back to Berkeley Bowl, found Agar (a vegetarian thickener that Jelly Shot Test Kitchen actually had substitution ratios for) and set up to try again.  I knew that the snot wasn’t something that I ever wanted to serve, but I figured before making a second batch I should at least taste it to see if anything needed to be adjusted.
Now when I say I made snot, I don’t mean that it was just a soft set.  Imagine greenish brown goo, with thicker bits and thinner bits sloshing around a casserole dish.  It took some mental fortitude to convince myself that I wanted to stick a spoon in there to try it at all.  Then, in the process of trying to gather the goo, it slid off and around, and when I finally captured a bit, strings trailed down from the spoon connecting it to the rest of snot mixture.
I decided that taste was surely fine and there was no need to actually try.  My sense of adventure toward food ends at the product of sinus infections.
Since it was now the night before the party, and we were armed with the proper substitution amounts, second go I made both recipes.  Ana, Will and I sat down for dinner with the family, giving the shots time to set up.
After dinner, Ana checked on the set and came back with: “Well, I have good news and bad news.”
We made more snot.
The good news: the cosmopolitan shots set up just fine, and definitely went over well at the party.  The snot got the drain again.

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