Mendocino National Forest

Last last weekend we went hiking in Mendocino National Forest. It took me a week to recover enough to write about it because this was our route.

We thought we hiked 10 miles, we hiked 6. We also thought we gained 2400 feet of elevation, it was actually 3700 feet.

It was a short trip, just two days, Will, his sister Emily, our good friend Emily,me, Calvin (dog) and Tahoe (dog).

We left Saturday morning and after four hours arrived at our destination. The weather was gorgeous. Here we are, all ready to go. The dogs had to carry their own stuff, can you see they are thrilled!

Only a mile in, we crossed a stream. Not unusual for hiking right? Except for this….

I know that the close up does not quite do it justice, but multiply this by a million.

I’ve never, EVER, seen that many lady bugs in my life. Apparently its mating season. The lady bugs covered the logs and ground. We stepped on more lady bugs trying to get across that river and up the next hill, then most people see in a life time, I’m sure of it.

Then we climbed

and climbed some more

consulted a map

took a break

climbed some more

and then we camped here

The night was beautiful and fun. Did you know that the iphone/ipad has an application that helps you star gaze?!?!?!? You point it up at the sky and it tells you what constellation you are seeing!!! The one picture we couldn’t get that night, is us star gazing up on a hill and the fog that engulfed the valley below us. It was like sitting on a rock at night in the middle of the ocean, in total silence.

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…. Calvin didn’t care for star gazing

We didn’t get eaten by bears, neither did our stuff because Will did this to it

Impressive hu? Can you see the food bag, squint. It took Emily (sister) and I almost an hour to get it down while Will was still asleep. We wanted breakfast!! Hungry girls, hungry bears….is there a difference?

Hiking out was a little tough, Will’s knee was not all to happy, Emily’s (sister) ankle was not to happy, my knee was so so. Emily (friend) was great.

But we made it. We had a great time!

So did the dogs!

I was very happy to see my shower though….and my bed…..and non-freeze dried food….and internet…..and good coffee….it was so worth it though!

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    • Thanks! I’m working on my photography skills! Even read a book lol. Most of those Will took, but some of them are mine :)

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