Lake Tahoe Antique Wooden Boat Show

For the past three years, at the end of July, I get to go and soak up the Tahoe sun. This year I got to soak up the sun from inside my mini cooper, together with Erica, who is still recovering from the ridiculous amount of time she spent crammed with me in a car. Two days, almost a thousand miles, roughly 15 hours, with enough caffeine to kill a medium sized animal, enough gatorade/water to drown one and so many bathroom stops that we started to think we were pregnant. Dont worry, it was for a good cause….right Erica?

The reason we go up to Tahoe every year at the end of July is because of wooden boats. Erica’s dad, has a 1932 28′ Sea Lyon Triple Cockpit Runabout with a Lycoming-VF 325HP V12 engine (yeah I copied that out of a book) named The Mountain Lyon.

He is part of The Antique and Classic Boat Society  and every year they have a boat show to raise money for charity. For three years now, Will has done sound for the show and this year he also did the photography. The photography part, that’s why I spent all weekend in a car (not Will’s fault).

This is a picture of Erica and I at the boat show two years ago.

Here is a picture of Will and I on the Mountain Lyon two years ago.

Pictures from this years show, I will provide later. I didn’t get a chance to pick up a camera this weekend, again because I was mostly in a car. Since Will took the pictures, I don’t immediately have access to them, kind of like my AIDS ride pictures, dinosaurs will walk the earth again before I see those, so don’t hold your breath. Eventually though, I hope, you will get really cool pictures of really cool boats. That go fast and create pretty waves like this:

The ones from this year will be in focus, PROMISE!

So here is what happened. Erica and I got to Tahoe late friday night after fighting traffic. Saturday morning we slept in, stopped by the Raley’s and got Will and co-pilot Doug (co-worker who volunteered to help out ) lunch. When we got to the docks we found Will, sad faced, on the phone with the company he rented additional camera lenses from. The telephoto lens he got was not working, the aperture was not changing. The breakage was not his fault, it was simply wear and tear on the lens. The customer rep was really cool and provided Will with two lenses and an extra camera body at no cost *insert Wills happy dance here*, just one problem, the rental is in Palo Alto. The lenses were needed, so Erica and I volunteered to meet Will’s dad in Vacaville if he went and got the lenses.

So in to the mini we went. We spent longer finding a parking spot then we stayed at the boat show and to top it off I got a parking ticket! The trip to Vacaville was as follows: traffic, coffee, bathroom, traffic, coffee, bathroom, Vacaville, dinner, coffee, gas, bathroom, cabin. I actually ran out of things to say, can you imagine?!?!

Sunday, was the picnic, I napped on a blanket for most of it (and got sunburned) and then went back to the cabin and napped some more and then got back into the mini and drove back home to Berkeley, with Erica, who also napped, a lot.

Will got a lot of cool pictures though. Here he is with all his cameras.

Today, as I’m sitting at work chatting with Erica via g-chat:

Me: Are you making the chicken salad? (we co-op food sometimes)

Erica: Yes.

Erica:  I’m moving pretty slowly today I should probably get to the store and get things for it.  I just dont want to get near a car ;-P

Me: Can’t imagine why…. 😉

P.S. Trying to write this on BART  I missed my transfer and went all the way to Rockridge….I’m fried

P.P.S. In addition, due to excessive time spent in the car, Erica and I have wedding parties, wedding cakes and birth plans scripted despite the fact that neither of us is engaged.

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