Going Off the Grid

I am not sure when the term gourmet food truck first came across my radar, but I know that I have bumped into it several times in the past few years. Gourmet food trucks are exploding all over the U.S lately. It’s a growing street food culture, a gourmet food revolution of sorts and it is attracting the attention of the Food Network (The Great Food Truck Race), TV Shows (CSI) and the local news. With the economical storm that has continued to plague this country for the past few years it is no wonder that gourmet chefs have taken to the streets. Owning a restaurant is a very expensive propositions, rent, remodel, servers, accountants, the list goes on and on. In a food truck you can have a staff of as little as two and your biggest expense is fuel and with wheels under you, you can bring your cuisine to anyone that you can drive to. Okay, okay, its not as easy as it sounds, a little research online showed that there are zoning problems, disgruntled restaurant owners and myriad of other people with something to complain about. I think it’s pretty amazing, in a country where getting your talent recognized is extremely difficult, I think this is a great way for aspiring chef’s to get noticed and make a living. I’m sure kinks need to be worked out, but competition is competition and anything that will give you an advantage is fair game, though I can see why a restaurant with no wheels under it would be upset.

Though I’ve heard the term for a long time, I first experienced this curb side cuisine quite recently with some friends. Off the Grid, is an SF based food truck market, kind of like a farmers market but with trucks and food. They do to big gatherings on Wednesday in Berkeley, and Friday at Fort Mason. It was love at first bite. The cuisine is unique and fun. There are plenty of options and the food is worth the wait in line.

This past Wednesday we took a visiting friend to Off the Grid in Berkeley, conveniently located walking distance from our house.

There were not as many truck as last Wednesday, but still plenty of good food and plenty of people to eat it.

We decided to try FiveTenBurgers, a food truck that is local to East Bay and can be found around Emeryville, Oakland and Berkeley every day.

So, we got in line and waited.

Waited some more

and some more.

We chatted with the people around us and the girl in line behind me turned out to be a roadie from the AIDS ride. You know that little ride I did that I still have not blogged about. That ride. Small world and it only took us 15 minute to figure out how the heck we knew each other. Doula? No. Red Cross? No. School? No. The AIDS ride didn’t even occur to us! Her boyfriend thought of it.

When we finally go to the front of the line and ordered it was dark and we were very hungry and devoured our food before I even remembered about my camera.

But here is a picture of the cupcake I got at Off the Grid last week.

This is what Calvin did while we were gone.

Oh yeah, this too.

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  1. HEY! Now, that is what California is all about. Food and meeting random people. Some people you know, some you don’t. I miss that. I wanna eat, too….!

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