Global Warming is Ruining my Life

Allergy season has started early.

Anyone who has to deal with the swollen, drippy, or congested sinuses because of trees dumping pollen understands the enormity of this situation. The occasional rain may temporarily scrub the pollen out of the air, but the temporary relief seems to only anger the trees into producing more allergens.

Suddenly, global warming is an annoyingly personal issue for me.

I am now torn between hoping for rainy days spent miserably wet, sloshing to and from class, or beautiful days accompanied by my sinuses trying to explode a hole through the front of my face.

The timing is impeccable.  Murphy would be proud.  Allergies arrived to congratulate me on beginning of my thesis.  Nothing increases productivity like inhaling steam while begging your respiratory track to stop keeping your brain hostage.  Luckily, the glory of modern pharmaceuticals have gotten my nasal passages back on track (side effects pending, keep your fingers crossed), and I can return to boring my friends by discussions on the relative merits of online communication, looked at from various scholarly angles.

All this means that despite Ana being the one going into medicine, and while I’m the one going into Internet, she has been the one keeping up the blog.  Promises to change should be forthcoming, but don’t hold your breath.  Life gets in the way, and cameras are unsurprisingly unwieldy when trying for a fast dinner.

I am also learning that I am a slap dash cook.  “Add spices until it is tasty.  If it isn’t tasty, add more spices.  Or more bacon.”  Truth be told, my cooking could be improved by more structure but right now all of the structure in my life is being channeled toward reading.  My recipes are simmering on the back burner, simmering, until they are ready to send out to the world.

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