French Toast

I wanted to have a post up about my trip to Portland today, but that is not going to happen :( I promise its coming soon though!!

I love sitting down to eat with friends and family. I have so many good memories of loud russian family gatherings as a child and an adult. Just like my grandmother, mother and sister, I love feeding my friends and family, having them all come together around a good meal. Breakfast though, I think is my favorite meal to share with others. I love the casual atmosphere of sitting at the breakfast nook with my parents and chatting about the coming day. The hodgepodge of friends who spent the night or came over in the early morning, the group of class mates who came over to study or even just bug and I.

French toast, is one of my favorite breakfast foods! There is  101 ways to make it. Each on is different in taste and technique and most are delicious. Personally, I’ve never been quite satisfied with my home made french toast. It just never tastes like the french toast of my imagination.  Than I read a recent post on one of my favorite blogs, Dash and Bella, which just happened to provide a recipe for French Toast.

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I’ve made this recipe twice now and it exceeded my expectations each time. It may not be the perfect french toast recipe for everyone, but I am in love. I love the consistency, the hint of orange and the lack of sweetness which is provided by the maple syrup instead of the toast itself. It seems that the ratio of eggs to milk made the biggest difference; creating a custard, that soak into the bread helping create a perfect crust on each piece. Also the type of bread matters, it definitely works best with brioche bread or challah. The recipe is a template and can be modified in many ways, which is great for an experimenter like myself. I also tried freezing the left overs as the recipe suggests. Try it your self, the recipe is here.

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