AIDS Ride: Chapter 2

The AIDS ride is three days away. There is supposed to be a storm this weekend….the prospect of being soaking wet for 8 hours on a bike has done nothing for my nerves. I’ve spent the past several days thinking up ways to get injured…typical reaction in response to nervous, right??? Don’t answer that. Logically, I dont actually want to be injured (I think), because I do want to do the ride , but logic goes out the window when I picture myself wet, cold, numb and tired on a bike.  That’s about the time that crawling under the covers and staying there for the next week or so sounds like a good idea. Speaking of covers. We got a new bed!

I am dubbing this my first “adult” purchase, my bank account is still weeping but it was well worth it. You don’t realize or believe what a difference a good mattress makes in your nights sleep until you get a nice mattress. You also dont realize how much harder it is to get up and out of bed in the morning when you have a nice mattress. If it was hard before, its mission impossible now. I push snooze so many times in the morning now, that even the dogs loose patients with me and start whining for me to get a move on. This very alluring bed does nothing to bolster my confidence.

And while I’m on the subject, the resident dogs have already marked the bed as there own, literarily.  Hours after the bed arrived at the house, one of the dogs (which is still unknown) decided to claim the bed for themselves. Thankfully the mattress was incased in a waterproof, bed bug resistant thingy, otherwise………..very bad.  The dogs have, therefore,  been banned from the bed and from the room until further notice. Funny, I should say that, since on of them is sleeping on my feet now.

Despite the alluring bed and the guilty dog on my feet, I am leaving on Sunday with my sister and 2,998 other people for what will be a wet and cold (at least the first day) journey to LA. Wish me luck.


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