AIDS Life Cycle

About six months ago, in what I can only describe as a case of temporary insanity, I agreed to do the Aids Life Cycle with my sister. Why? Because it will be a fun relaxing vacation ?!?! Months later when my brain decided to wire it’s synapses properly again and I realized I’d agreed to raise 3,000 dollars and then bike 575 mile to L.A, I had a panic attack. literally.  My dear and supportive boyfriend of course said “yup, the 3,000 dollar is what stopped me from doing it”. Helpful. Though really, he tried to be reassuring as I lay in bed a few weeks later having trouble breathing at the prospect of the craziness I had agreed too. I like to bike, but really, I’m no Lance Armstrong  Then after a good talking to from my honey, I decided… if nothing else I raised SOME money for a good cause and it wasn’t waisted  and well I can’t help that there we’re all these other good causes that people were donating to. So, since I can’t raise the 3,000 I won’t get to ride, but I will be a really good cheerleader to my sister !! Woo ho! Then as luck would have it a friend of a friends, who likes to contribute to different causes and support people trying to achieve cool goals like riding to L.A, donated 2,000 dollars. After the initial shock and excitement wore of, I had another panic attack. I’m not ready to ride my bike to LA and well… now I have to!!! After calming me down, my one and only gave me some brilliant advice, get off your butt and go ride and ride as often as you can. “It’s a ride not a race, you’ll have lots of support,” he said. Well folks, I’ve been riding and now my “vacation” is only a few weeks away and the question I want answered still is, what in the world was I thinking ?!?!? Well at least I’ll have toned legs for the summer… Over and out.


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