Adventures with Coffee/I can’t post about the ALC because SOMEONE wont give me my pictures!!!

I love coffee! True story. I’m also a bit of a coffee snob and self proclaimed know it all on the subject of coffee. You see, I worked as a Barista for two years during college and quickly developed a love for all things caffeinated. In reality I don’t know a whole lot about coffee other then how to make it, but I do love to learn.

The problem with being a caffeine addict is two fold:

1. It’s an expensive habit. Even more expensive if you are lactose intolerant like me.

2. Making it at home every morning never works out because I can never get up on time and self-timed coffee makers have failed me.

Recently I came across a blog post by Pioneer Woman (surprise surprise) about iced coffee, I fell in love, made it the next day and haven’t looked back since. In the process I’ve converted Erica and several other people to this method.

The basic idea is that you can cold brew coffee in large quantities and it will keep in the refrigerator for 3-4 weeks. Buying coffee in bulk is efficient and cheap, about $15-$20 dollars. The dispenser jug we use was $10 at the Container Store. Reusable cups with straws were purchased on amazon for $5 dollars + shipping, I also saw them at Walgreens. After the initial investment there are clear savings. Your coast is reduced to price of coffee beans and time it take to make the batch of coffee.

I bought a 3lbs bag of coffee beans at Costco for about $15 bucks, its lasted almost a month and that’s because I split the bag with Erica, for one house hold I would guess it would last closer to two months. Also, I don’t put ice in my coffee because it is cold enough out of the fridge so it may last even longer with ice factored in.

If you buy coffee everyday, plain coffee, at minimum that is $40, if you exclude weekends. Any mixed drink each day is going to run you between $75-$100 depending on what you get. (Rough estimates, do your own math!)

Now the big problem is that not everyone likes iced coffee, if so, then this is not the solution for you, but for the rest of you I highly recommend trying this. The recipe is here.

After doing this a few times I found that: brewing for 12 hours is better then 8, 24 hours of brewing tend to make the coffee bitter. Its best to have two large containers, one for brewing and one for straining the brewed coffee into.

Yummm Coffeeeee



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