I am an irrational, change my mind twenty times a day kinda girl. I was born in St.Petersburg, Russia and moved to the US in 1995. I’ve lived in California ever since, mainly in the Bay Area. I went to college in Davis (MOOO) and graduated with a degree in Nutrition Science and a minor in Russian (original I know). Right before my senior year at UCD I moved to Berkeley, a city I never ever thought I’d live in. Hippies living in tree’s and legalization of marihuana didn’t really seem like my thing. To my great surprise, I fell in love with Berkeley because it met one of life’s most important criteria, good food! Amazing food! Lots of it! (and wine). For a neurotic, nutrition crazed, almost college grad Berkeley equaled heaven. Even the unfortunate year of commuting to Davis to finish school did not deter me.

I’ve been in Berkeley for almost six years now. In this time, I became a doula, you can read all about doulas here and decided I wanted to be a midwife. I got a grown up job at the American Red Cross, while preparing to apply to nursing school and eventually got into a accelerated RN/MSN program.  Next, I moved to New York City, life changing experience, got an RN, decided to move back and am currently working full time and getting my Masters in Midwifery and Women’s Health (part time) through a program at Georgetown ( yes the one in DC, technology is magical).  My all over the place, want to try everything once, stress about every decision, have a panic attack and then do it all over again personality, makes for a pretty fascinating life. I love to do so many different things and I am constantly pulled in every direction, hence the “change my mind twenty times a day” bit. BUT as a result I have lots to talk about (getting me to shut up is the problem) and I am happy to share my thoughts with you.


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  1. We did not move to Berkeley for the food. We stayed here for the food. We mooved to Berkeley for each other, just sayin…..

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